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Some nations are the game's great pioneers, while others are its fall boys. Brazil, however, are the dreamers, within the minds of themselves and their doting fans. Join us for this exclusive long-form magazine - with only 2,000 copies available worldwide - dedicated to the joy and glory of Brazilian football, and the characters that make the nation's favourite sport so compelling.- How Pelé and Santos ceased war in Nigeria- Juninho Pernambucano: the king of free-kicks- Adriano: the fleeting emperor- Garrincha: the joy of the people- The guts and glory of 1994- Edmundo: O Animal- Sócrates and the Corinthians Democracy- The making of Kaká- How the tragedy of Chapecoense united a broken Brazil- Romário: Baixinho- How Djalma and Nílton reinvented the full-back role- Brazil 1982 and the greatest midfield in World Cup history- PSG's special relationship with Brazilian mavericks- The world of ABC FC
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