Love them or hate them, mystery boxes are now part of the Kit Community and Market! (You may receive a bigger size shirt by the label, but it will have your chosen shirts fit) This box will contain 1-2 shirts/Jackets depending on stock - Either way the money spent will be reflected in the shirts value. No Programmes No Sweets! NO RETURNS!




Mystery Box Shirt - £49.99 Box

  • Shirt Quality Advice

    Excellent - No Holes, stains or pulls. Print also without stains

    Very Good - A Couple of bobbles but no stains or holes. Print in great condition

    Good - Some bobbling and one stain

    Okay - Bobbling, lose stitches and a small hole


    In short, yes we do offer Worldwide delivery. Simply enter your address at the checkout to see the costs. It will save you an email and waiting for a reply for something you can check yourself in seconds :)