About Me

I love classic football shirts from all over the world and we realised there is no shop here in Northern Ireland were fellow fans of classic shirts can come and exchange thoughts on their favourite shirts. I thought that cant be right and are working on changing that. I work with collectors world wide and also take on stock from other retailers to be sold at a reasonable price. Whether you just want to come in and live past memories or get that shirt you have been hunting for, I hope you will enjoy coming to our shop.


I also want to get involved with local NI Teams were possible to help them sell their teams products - kits, tracksuits, hats, scarves etc - and to help them reach as many supporters as possible.



How I Price The Shirts

I have decided to change how we are pricing our classic shirts for sale. I have noticed over these last 6 months the prices of shirts has only increased week by week, and although I have always tried to remain competitive, I have had higher prices on occasion than we would have initially planned for. As a result I got to thinking about how to try and change that and how to bring the prices of kits down.

This is in no way a criticism of other businesses selling classic shirts. I have had a lot of help from some of them and respect How successful they are, they've inspired me to try and make the shop work in Belfast.

I have went through our shirts prices and lowered them all significantly. The idea being I can still make a profit as every business needs too, but also make our shirts more affordable to Everyone from a hardened collector to the casual supporter just looking for their teams shirt at an affordable price but who also doesn't want to buy a fake shirt.

I will be working on the website to separate it into price sections as well as the league's so people can browse With their budget in mind and not be put off by potentially seeing too high a price shirts. With this incoming changes as a result of COVID-19, money will be tighter so hopefully we can help with that.

Thanks for reading!